Allan Dao

Co-Founder - Chief Information Officer: Informational Technology Director

Allan Dao

Personal Biography

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Allan Dao is currently a senior at Inglemoor High School, hoping to expand his skills in the field of technology. As such, Allan participates in clubs like TSA, FBLA, and HOSA, which has allowed him to gain a variety of skills that are required for future success. Allan hopes to translate his abilities into a degree in Computer Science, but as for now, he has found a new passion - the web design industry. Outside of school, Allan enjoys running with his friends and playing 8-Ball at his local pool hall. Allan also volunteers for the City of Kenmore, the Northshore YMCA, and will be volunteering for the Pacific Science Center throughout the summer. For the majority of his life, technology has been one of his biggest interests, but in recent years, he has seen the health field emerge as a huge influence in his life as well. From his past experiences, Allan has seen and felt the destruction that cancer brings to friends and families. With his combined passions, Allan hopes to utilize the power of technology in WASCAA to spread cancer awareness throughout the community and to encourage growth as students and as leaders, and to one day put an end to such a terrible disease.

For Allan, WASCAA is very dear to his heart because of how it directly plays into his life. Growing up, he had to watch his father suffer for years. Three simple words: "You have cancer," had caused his family to suddenly fall apart. Today, his father is doing very well, which makes Allan extremely thankful and hopeful for the years to come. For the future, WASCAA represents an opportunity to help out others that also feel the pain of cancer, and will Allan's first step on his journey of paying back to the people that saved his father's life.

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