Amogh Pande

Chief Marketing Officer - Marketing Director

Amogh Pande

Personal Biography

Amogh Pande is a current senior at Inglemoor High School. As a prospective business/medicine student, he is a part of numerous high school organizations, such as HOSA, DECA, and FBLA. He has joined these clubs with the intent to develop his skills as a leader and worker, while applying himself specifically to the fields of business and medicine in the hopes of one day attaining a joint MD/MBA degree. Outside of school, he is a varsity track captain at Inglemoor High School and a 6 time National Piano Playing Auditions champion. For more personal enjoyment, he plays basketball and soccer.

Through WASCAA, Amogh hopes to further cancer awareness while generating money to be donated to cancer research centers. He has witnessed individuals and their families alike who have been impacted by cancer, and hopes to be able to help contribute to cancer research as much as possible.

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