Danny Pham

Chief Financial Officer - Financial Director

Danny Pham

Personal Biography

Presently, Danny Pham is a senior attending Inglemoor High School. He is involved with many of his school’s offered clubs, and devotes a large portion of his time to schoolwork. In his free time he enjoys golfing with his father and brother, or simply spending quality hours with his friends.

Cancer has had a large impact on his personal life. In 2008, Danny’s mother was diagnosed for the first time with nasopharyngeal cancer: a rare form of the disease that first manifests in the upper part of one’s throat. Ever since the diagnoses, the lives of his family members have never been the same. Throughout a ten year span, his mother bravely fought multiple battles against the disease. Sadly, her valiant battle ended in March of 2018. She is dearly missed by her family and friends. Danny fights against cancer with the ultimate wish that no other family will have to experience what his family has gone through.

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