Dennis Ni

Co-Founder - Operations Committee - Event Coordination Lead

Dennis Ni

Personal Biography

Currently, Dennis Ni is a senior attending Inglemoor High School. His primary enjoyments come from both making and playing music, and has an interest in the health science field. He has participated in HOSA and DECA to help him pursue his passion for the health field. He was driven to help create WASCAA because of his grandfather, who suffered from lung cancer in the latter stages of his life. After an arduous fight that lasted many years, Dennis’ grandfather eventually passed away in August of 2017, leaving his entire family in a state of deep shock and grief. As a result, Dennis does not want any other families to have to suffer because of cancer. He wants to channel the grief that he has been obtained into a positive mindset for progress and change. WASCAA is one method for him to strive for change and growth in his community.

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