Kaycie Suzuki

Marketing Committee - Social Media Lead

Kaycie Suzuki

Personal Biography

Kaycie Suzuki is currently a senior and Inglemoor High School, and is 15 years old. Some of her hobbies include soccer and softball, and she plays the alto saxophone. Kaycie enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and scented candles.

Kaycie decided to be a part of WASCAA because she has personally been affected by the effects of cancer, as several of her relatives and close family friends have suffered. When Kaycie was younger, one of her close relatives, her great-aunt was diagnosed with Leukemia, she didn’t fully understand what happened and the severity of the term “cancer” until her relative passed away. Since then, Kaycie has been determined to help minimize the amount of people having to deal with personal loss due to cancer, and has actively been involved and passionate about this subject. WASCAA creates the opportunity for Kaycie to spread awareness about cancer throughout her Washington, and she is looking forward to help make positive changes in the community.

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