Lakshin Kumar

Co-Founder: Chief Executive Officer, Nonprofit Director

Lakshin Kumar

Personal Biography

Lakshin Kumar is an active senior at Inglemoor High School, and a proud member of WASCAA. Lakshin has actively participated in many different clubs around school, such as DECA, FBLA, and HOSA, in order to gain as much experience in the high-stakes world of the present. His hobbies are all over the place, from playing tennis, to investing, to playing instruments, and even on occasion, singing. However, his real interest lies in the vast fields of science. Intrigued by nearly all aspects of the sciences from a young age, he looks to help the world through the application and advancement of scientific knowledge, specifically physics, or medicine.

Diseases have always been a threat to everything Lakshin holds dear, and cancer tops the list. Lakshin has seen multitudes of people suffer from the onslaught of cancer, from friends and relatives, and possibly himself, to strangers alike. However, Lakshin feels the most unfairly targeted of these crowds are the countless students threatened by the disease. Thus, WASCAA acts as the perfect platform for Lakshin to contribute his best efforts to help those he feels need it the most, and fills him with the hope that someday in the future, no community will have to face cancer again.

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