Welcome to the Washington Student
Cancer Awareness Association

Our mission is to bring together the students in state of Washington in a collective effort to get rid of cancer.

It all starts here.

Local Nonprofit

WASCAA is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the Puget Sound Area.

Local Parternships

WASCAA is dedicated towards creating integral bonds with local communities, businesses, and organizations.

Community Involvement

WASCAA hosts community oriented events in hopes to raise awareness and inspire others.

Student Run

WASCAA is a completely independent, student run organization.

Event Updates

Thank you for all of the support for our Kick Away Cancer soccer tournament. Over May 25th-26th, we had many middle and high school teams join us and enjoy some soccer in the sunshine, ultimately helping us raise over $3000 dollars! Stay tuned for future events: we are planning a new event called 'Competing for the Cure.' More details coming soon!

Click/Tap the photo below to see pictures of some of the soccer teams!

Kick Away Cancer

Our Mission

Cancer is something that touches all of our lives. Learn more about the goals of our nonprofit.

Meet the Team

Meet the team of hardworking high school students that run everything behind the scenes.

Partner Program:
Coding 4 Medicine

Through Coding 4 Medicine, you will have the chance to see how the worlds of computer science and medicine are merging. Learn the skills to contribute to this fast-changing scientific world. See more by clicking here or by visiting hs.coding4medicine.com

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