Welcome to the Washington Student
Cancer Awareness Association

Our goal is to collaborate with students from around Washington state to become involved in helping the cancer community.

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  • Introducing WASCAA+

    WASCAA+ is Washington Student Cancer Awareness' new initiative that is based on the premise of providing quality tutoring services. Not only do all students receive quality services for great value, all tutoring fees directly contribute to our goals as a nonprofit.

    Become a WASCAA+ Tutor

    Apply to become a WASCAA+ tutor today! Get paid to teach and help students in your local community while directly raising money for a nonprofit.

    Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Cancer is something that has touched all of our lives. Learn more about the goals that guide WASCAA.

    WASCAA Sweatshirts

    WASCAA sweatshirts are now on sale! Fill out our order form now to buy our custom lavender sweatshirts. Proceeds go towards supporting WASCAA.

    Meet the Team

    Meet the students that are involved in WASCAA behind the scenes.

    Donate Today

    Please consider donating today to support our cause. Your money goes directly into supporting our future events and initiatives. Another great way to support us (for free) is by using smile.amazon.com for your future Amazon purchases. Amazon will automatically donate part of your purchase to any nonprofit of your choosing, at no extra cost to you.

    To donate, you can use the donation form below, click on the donate link on our website's menu, or text WASCAA to 44-321 in order to get a link to our donation page.

    Local Nonprofit

    WASCAA is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the Puget Sound Area.


    WASCAA seeks to find ways to work with local community members and organizations.

    Community Involvement

    WASCAA hosts community oriented events in hopes to further raise awareness.

    Student Run

    WASCAA is a fully student run organization.