Our Process

WASCAA+ is designed to provide the best possible educational service to students by students. Our tutors have all gone through the subjects that they tutor and excel in their understanding of both the subject and the best way to teach it. Each lesson is highly personalized over time based on the student’s personal strengths, weaknesses, and goals in order to ensure an enjoyable, successful learning process for the student.

Signup Process:
1. Please email us today and we will either follow up with a free phone call and or consultation email to discuss our tutoring services, depending on your preference.
2. We will match up your student with the tutors that we believe best fit the student's needs.
3. We will email you the information about the assigned tutor and how to schedule future tutoring sessions.
4. Please contact us at any time with any questions, comments, or concerns by emailing us at washingtonscaa@gmail.com

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