Standardized Test Tutoring

We offer comprehensive standardized test tutoring, especially for SAT and ACT. We also offer individualized tutoring for specific content areas on each test. Students can choose to learn about all areas on either exam or can opt to focus on a specific section.

SAT Math: Our comprehensive math course is designed to allow all students to succeed on the SAT Math section regardless of how they feel about math. The course runs through the four “sections” of math on the SAT that the Collegeboard tests on:

  • “Heart of Algebra”
  • “Passport to Advanced Math”
  • “Problem Solving and Data Analysis”
  • “Additional Topics in Math”
Along with that, our tutoring covers both the calculator and non-calculator portions of the exam, giving students a comprehensive look at all they need to know before their test date!

SAT English: WASCAA+ offers lessons on all the language related sections of the SAT. Our course will take students through the SAT writing and reading sections, helping students with understanding sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, as well as teaching students critical reading skills and tips. Along with this our tutors can also provide help for the essay portion of the SAT, in order to ensure that students get the highest score they can.

ACT Math and Science: The ACT math and science sections are fast paced with students being required to think on their feet. Our ACT Math and Science course will take students through the different types of math and science problems they may encounter. Along with this, students will be given tips on how to pace themselves through these two sections to ultimately ensure that students will not only be able to answer the test questions correctly but also do so confidently without feeling constrained by time.

ACT Language: The ACT English and Reading sections, involve students being able to show off their editorial abilities as well as close reading skills. In our course we will help students understand different grammatical rules as well as show them the common trends and problem types that are present in the ACT English section. Along with this we will teach students the close reading skills required to do well on the ACT reading section. Optionally, if a student also wants help with their ACT essays, our tutors are able to provide tips and advice in order to make sure you perform at your very best.

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